Possible to set up my own guides? (i.e; Centre and 'Thirds' guides)

I’d love to be able to set up some simple guides under all of my panels.

1 vertical and 1 horizontal centre guideline
And 2 vertical and 2 horizontal ‘thirds’ lines.

Is there any way to do this? (Apart from creating an extra layer in every panel and copying them into each one)

I screenshotted some guides—attached—from the free ‘Storyboarder’ application.

Thanks :wink:

I created lines—as custom guides—in a bottom layer, with the intention of copying that ‘template’ panel everytime I want make a new panel.

That could get pretty tiresome, as I’ll most often want to duplicate other panels, and make small changes to character poses etc.

Unfortunately I can’t upload a screenshot of it in this comment.