Possible to sell a lisence?

Hi there,

I was wondering if its possible to sell my license of animate?
Anyone know if this is possible??

Bought it december 2008… I suppose its version 1 or something. Didnt even know there was a version 2…

Its basically way over my needs. I thought I rather go for the Studio version, but owning both seems pointless…

Anybody know anything??

There was a thread on this not long ago. The short answer was no you can’t.

So I cant even give it away for free to someone??
Im doomed to have it on my computer forever…! :stuck_out_tongue:


I dont know if this is standard procedure, but anyways;

I was able to return my Animate license in exchange for a Studio license. AND the option to revert back when, and if I feel like it in the future.

I take my hat off for Toon Boom ;D ;D ;D (especially Karen :-*)

It wouldn’t be standard, but it is good support. You both got what you wanted. Support from my experience try to be as flexible to your needs as possible.

Glad to hear it worked out ;D