Possible to save frame as .tvg?

I have Animate Pro running on a MacBook Pro. Page 231 of the User Guide, in talking of colour models, suggests that .tvg’s can somehow he saved out of Animate Pro files. But it doesn’t say how this may be done, and I have tried but do not get a .tvg option, and therefore find that the option to load or import a saved colour model (single frame) is not really there, since only tvg’s are recognized.

Can you please help?

Thank you!


I think you are talking of Animate Pro 2, right? On the same page just below you have this:

To browse for a colour model drawing on your hard drive:
1.In the Model View menu, select Import. You can also click on the Import Model button or from the top menu, select File > Import > Model.
2.In the Browser window, browse for any *.tvg drawing file available on your hard drive.
3.Click on the Open button. The model appears in the Model view.
NOTE: The palette needs to be loaded separately from the model. When you import a model, there is no colour recovery message, it will simply come out red if the colours or the palette is not available.

The tvgs can be found in any existing scenename>elements>name_of_layer>

You can access them in their original scene or copy them from there to a folder of your choice, it doesn’t matter.

Thank you stevemasson! Your comment “The tvgs can be found in any existing scenename>elements>name_of_layer>” is the part that answers my question. I have never done anything with elements as such, and so did not know that the frames existed as tvgs.

This subject may now be considered closed. :smiley:

TVG is the file format for the vector images.