Possible to create a Bone Deform on a Group?

I’m working in Harmony v12 and trying to create a bone deform on a group. Why? Because I originally drew the elements of the group separately, thinking I might animate them without a deform.
So for instance, I have a R_Leg-G, and inside of that I have an upper leg, lower leg, and foot.
I’d like to create a bone deform over the group that I created, not on an individual drawing.

Is this possible? So far I haven’t been able to and I’ve had to copy all my drawn elements into one new drawing and put a deform on that.

im not sure if you can have it effect a “group”, but you can hook up as many layers as you want to a deform simply by dragging a pipe from it output port to the input port of a layer. this will add the layer’s artwork to the deform’s mesh. hope that helps!