Possible improvements ?

Hi folks,
I got Manga Studio EX and tried the demo of Retas! Stylos HD and I gotta say that TB Animate need some of these software features in the future versions.

I think that the main problem with TB animate (and maybe other TB programs) is the drawing tools …

-no curve tool
-no join line tool
-no smooth line tool (there’s a smooth function though)
-no width changer tool (we can do it with the brushes but Lord knows how boring it is!)
-no reshap tool (such a tool would save us all some time from using handles to change a shap)

Toon Boom animate is really a great software , but I think that the drawing tools could use some kinda improvements in that direction.

What do you guys think ?

hey Honeypearle

check out this free tutorial


his guy is a new fan of toon boom and i’m joining him.

when i first used the digital pro PLE last year i was shocked how foreign the software was, i found myself jumping about using a host of software from digicells 2d, photoshop, to XSI and maya 3d packages. what toon boom really needs is better tutorials. I am totally new to the vector world and cartoonsmart mostly deals with flash and now toonboom has turned his head.

hope it helps