Possibility to keep original pencil line thickness when pasting drawing objects to layer of different scale?


when copy-pasting a drawing object to a drawing of which the parent peg has a different scale value than the source drawing, the pencil line thickness of the pasted object is automatically ajusted to make the graphic result of the paste target equal to the source.

That’s great!
But, there are cases where I actually want to keep the original pencil line thickness (e.g. when modifying character sizes to fit into a line up). Is there an option allowing to keep the original pencil line thickness when pasting drawing objects?

P.S. I am not looking for an “Adjust Pencil Lines Thickness” solution. :slight_smile:

Here is an example illustrating what I want:

Frame 1:

  • create a drawing and draw a circle with a pencil line width of, let’s say, 5.
  • add a peg to the drawing and apply keys to the peg’s default scale values

Frame: 2:

  • change the peg’s scale to 3.0
  • select the circle’s drawing
  • select the circle’s drawing object and copy it to the clipboard

Frame: 3:

  • reset the peg’s scale to its default values ( 1.0 )
  • select the circle’s drawing and create a blank cell
  • paste the circle from the clipboard

The result is that the circles of frame 2 and 3 look equally, whereas the pegs scale values are different.
To achieve this, Harmony adapted the pencil line width of the newly pasted circle of frame 3 in order to visually fit to the circle of frame 2.
Frame 3’s circle’s pencil line width has a value of 15 (3 x 5).

That’s cool. But, in my case I would like to be able to paste the rescaled copied circle shape by keeping the real pencil line width value of 5.

It would be super great if this drawing object “special paste” existed in Harmony. :slight_smile:

Hi Taneross,

thanks a lot for your reply and your help.

Indeed, this feature is great, once the production has started the animation process.
It is what I was refering to when mentioning the “Adjust Pencil Lines Thickness” solution.
What I’m trying to do aims size reajustments on the rigger side in pre-production.

I think that the “animate pencil line thickness”-way comes later in production when the characters’ pencil line widths are adjusted to fit to each scene’s specific needs, by applying (ideally) the same value for each character.
That for it is best practice that all character rigs share the same default line width and that the animators won’t have to rescale them relatively to each other.

That’s where I am now. The size propotions between the characters in the line up have changed.
This means that:

  • 1: the rigs have to be rescaled
  • 2: the drawings contents (which are rescaled due to the scale modification) have to be copied to a blank substitution cell at another frame having the default rig scale values.

It is possible. This has been a feature of Toonboom for a long time and one reason why I choose it (I have succeeded in doing this in the past, just forgot and was trying to refresh my memory)

Here’s a video tutorial.


This option doesn’t seem to exist so far.
So, I moved this thread to the “Feature Requests” section.

I think it would be very handy if this “special paste” existed and if one could assign a keyboard shortcut to it.

Just wanted to say that this option would be a real time saver!!!
I spent the day re-applying initial pencil line thicknesses to drawing objects copy/pasted from a rescaled reference clean. :slight_smile: