Positioning a Peg

What’s the best way to fix a peg (for motion) to a character already positioned in a scene? For example, I want a man to walk up a hill on the left or west of camera view. Having set the man element on the west side, when I create a peg the peg red circle is fixed in the centre of the camera view. If I move the circle over the man element then attach the man element to the peg, the man element is ‘pushed’ westerly out of view. Is it necessary to have all elements positioned centrally prior to attaching pegs?

I describe the process in detail in this article:


Check it out and if you need additional help just ask here. -JK

Thanks for the reply. However, my main query is to do with positioning the peg on the character in the first place. Currently, if a character element is not in the centre of camera view and I create a peg and then attach the character I am unable to move the red circle over the character element without that element moving. The Key Framed Animation Part 4 has the red peg circle already centred on the fish. I want to know if I can attach and centre a peg to a character positioned anywhere on the screen without having to move the character to the centre first. I hope this is clearer.

Basically you don’t need to do that. The motion is relative to screen position so unless you just want to see the character centered on the red circle it is not necessary to do anything. If it really bothers you than use the scene ops SELECT tool to reposition your character to be centered on the red circle. I’m not trying to minimize your question, I just never even pay attention to the red peg circles they are pretty much meaningless for the most part. You position your character where you want them to start and where you want them to end up and you shape the motion path to move them between those points they will follow the path relative to their screen position and they don’t need to visually be centered on anything. -JK

Thanks for clearing that up.