pose copier won't launch

Hey guys,

pretty much what it says in the title. When I click the little gear icon, the window for the pose copier won’t launch. It worked before, so it’s entirely possible I’ve accidently changed some sort of setting, I just haven’t got a clue as to what that might be. I’ve checked wether it opens on my second screen or anything, removed and re-added the pose copier script,… nothing seems to work, the dialogue box simply won’t open. It’s driving me crazy, does anyone have any suggestions on why this might be?


Hi Priscilla,

did you check if the problem appears only with the Pose Copier or do other scripts behave in the same manner?
Could you try opening the ‘TB_SelectionPreset.js’ for example?

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good question. I’ve just tried a couple of random scripts, and it seems to be only the pose copier that’s acting up


I have a theory. :slight_smile:

The ‘TB_Pose_Copier.js’ script contains two functions which you could add to the toolbar.
The function to choose is the second one called ‘TB_Pose_Copier’. Is it possible that you took the first one called ‘PoseCopierDialog’?

I just double checked, and it’s the right script. What puzzles me is that it worked fine yesterday, today it won’t co-operate. That’s why i’m thinking along the lines of a setting having been changed somewhere that no longer makes it possible or something?

thank you already for brainstorming with me in any case :wink:

Did you try moving the Harmony window, perhaps the window is opening behind it?

yes, I’ve checked behind, on the second screen, with alt-tab. Anything to figure out where it might’ve gone to. I can’t see it so I’m assuming it genuinly doesn’t open

Do you have any idea what may have happened to the system or software since
it was last working correctly? Anything new installed or uninstalled?

There’s no way to tell what’s happening from the description but it’s possible that
the script has gotten damaged if you perhaps tried editing it? Contact support
for someone to have a look on your system.

I got the same issue, basically, there was no sign of the pose copier windows. The problem is that every time you open and close that window, it shifts up a few pixels. After a while it suddenly goes off-screen.
We solve the issue using 2 monitors, and in the window setting, we set the second monitor ABOVE the main one, and voilá the pose copier was there!
We dragged the panel back into the main monitor. IMPORTANT, to avoid this issue again you need to close the pose copier panel using the bottom button “close” this will prevent the panel to disappear outside of the screen.

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thank you so much!!!

I’ve just adjusted the positions of my screens in the Windows settings and suddenly the pose copier stopped working, I did what you said and there it was, in the previous position!