pose copier pb

Hello, i have already send this question in the section " general" but i have no answer so i try in this section "support and troubleshooting " because i need to use this script ( character very complex with more than 20 expressions by pose ! )please could you help me ?

I try to test pose copier (on toon boom Harmony prenium 15, ), I added it to my toolbar, then I made the template with 3 drawing as on the tutorial, everything is fine for the moment
I do a thumbnail in the library (I also check that I’m not in “display all” mode because on the forum it says that the script pose copy does not work in display mode all)
I then run the script but there: problem! there is nothing “no pixmap” why?

For the example i have made a new scene with a banana with only a blink but the problem is always here : no pixmap ! the script seems doesn’t work

thank you :smiley:

Talie, I got the same problem, ( instead of showing a thumbnail image inside the Pose Copier panel, it remained all gray with the tiny text: “No pixmap” on the centre).

But by accident it got fixed when I installed a new version of Harmony and opened the scene with the problem to test the pose copier. I say it got fixed by accident because the problem did not got fixed because it was a new version of the software, but because the workspace was set to “default”.

I went back to the older version of Harmony opened the scene with the problem and set the workspace to default just like it was on the upgraded version. Then clicked on the ‘Pose Copier’ script button and the panel worked perfectly showing the thumbnails.

The problem had something to do with the configuration of the workspace. (i think)

good luck there with your animation.