Pose Copier bug in scenes exported from Storyboard Pro?

So I think I found what I believe to be a bug when using Pose Copier with scenes exported from Storyboard Pro. long story short, it doesn’t work in scenes exported from Storyboard Pro 4.2 Attached is a link to a video showing what I mean. Hopefully the devs at Toon Boom can take a peek and see what’s up?


I had some other problems when exporting from storyboard and loading in Harmony and keep on working.
So I dont do that anymore.
I open the exported file in Harmony and the save the storyboard layers as a template and the open a fresh Harmony file and import that template ( and if need the audio ):
When doing this the problems does not show up.

Right. It works when you work in a “fresh” scene that is created in Harmony 14. Your suggested work-around would do the trick, however I feel this should be addressed, because its a scene being generated by another Toon Boom product. There should be no issues opening up projects created from SBPro in Harmony.

I have reported this to support but I dont know if they know how to recreate the bugs, but your problem seems to be easy to track.
Yes you expect it to work 100%

as a follow up to this, I can confirm this issue happens with scene exports from SBPro 5 as well.

Hi Frank!

Thanks for creating the video, I makes it really easy to understand why it’s not working. The problem is that the display is not selected. If you look in your Display toolbar, you’ll see that “Display All” is selected. If ou select the scene’s “Display”, the pose copier should work. The pose copier needs to be able to traverse the node tree from a Display.

Please let me know if that works.

I’ll log this in our database. Storyboard Pro should set the proper display when in exported scenes.