Pose Copier absorbed into the Library View

So I love Pose Copier! When dealing with complex rigs with multiple standard views (such as a stand pose, sit pose, sitting in a seat pose, swapping to a alternate costume, etc), its great, and I consistently use it to pull a character back to stock.

One thing that’s kind of a drag is that it is a script, and it creates a pop out window. I can see that this is handy for having multiple instances of PC open with different templates loaded (one with a head, one for a body, etc), but this leads to screen clutter. I feel that PC is closely tied to the Library as it is seeing how it relies on templates and thumbnails to flip through poses. can it in anyway became a part of the Library in a more meaningful way? We can already flip through the thumbnails of a template from the Library. Maybe PC can become more streamlined and become more of a toolbar baked into the Library View?

Just some thoughts. Thanks!