populate catalog

ANSWER GIVEN BY TOON BOOM, namely, after creating the catalog (which I did), then point at that catalog, then in LIBRARY window, right click, and IMPORT options appears, then IMPORT TEMPLATE, will gather up the elements, and post them in my new catalog. ALL SET NOW. THANKS.

I need to populate my new catalog in Toon Boom Studio 5.0 with objects I purchased from Cartoon Solutions, namely a whole bunch of .tbt objects; I’ve created the catalog, but it is now empty.

What do I do to point it at my local hard drive and tell it to consume / load / utilize the objects in the folder that has the .tbt’s in it?

Here is a URL that has a PowerPoint that better describes what I need.


Hi. To put your templates within the New Catalog folder you created, go to the library window, select your New Catalog folder, and in the right window of the library, press the right mouse button, click on it, a menu appears, select import / import template file. This will open a window to navigate to the location of your files on disk. Select the file .tbt (template) to import and press Open. Your template will appear in the right window of the library, which represents the contents of your New Catalog folder. Do the same with the rest of the templates. I hope you find it useful. Yoryo