Poor quality pdf exports

Hello,I have wasted so many hours trying to export my storyboard as a pdf with image quality high enough to see clearly. The image quality is just a joke, no matter what i try. I have read through the forums and tried adjusting the dpi in the pdfoptions.xml file and this didn’t change a thing. I have been trying to imported png’s, jpegs and images drawn natively in Storyboard, all to no avail. And yes, the images are large, high quality images. Everything looks great in Storyboard, but the pdf’s are awful - I cannot submit them to my clients.I need to get this working, can anyone please suggest how?Thanks.

Hello,Can you contact support@toonboom.com with your question ?This way, we will be able to request your example project and try to see what is going on…I’m sure we will be able to provide you with a solution.ThanksBest regards,Francois