Poor looking quality when exporting

Hi. I haven’t painted my project yet but I’m checking it out on you tube and it comes out a little blurry and the quality looks lower than in TBS. I’m using quicktime to export. Do I need to change the size or default settings? Thanks. matt


Is the quality going down if you watch the Quicktime on your machine or is it only going down on YouTube. You may want to change the compressor used or the compression level for the export for it may not be appropriate for your animation at the moment.



There’s a bit of an art to getting stuff to look good on YouTube.

Firstly, read the guidelines at YouTube and make sure you export your video at the correct dimensions. To take advantage of YouTube’s new 16x9 widescreen format, I find 640x360 is a good size to work with.

As Ugo says, you also need to experiment with codecs (compression). Ideally, it’s best to upload an uncompressed video, but for anything other than the very shortest films, that’s obviously not practical, or even possible!

So, it’s a case of trying different levels and types of compression till you find the right balance between quality and file size.


Thanks guys. I’ll try both compressing and changing my size. matt