Polyline tool

Hey everyone.

My wacom pen broke and i am forced to use the polyline tool. So i have this problem where i use the polyine tool but i complete a shape (using seperate polylines) but it wont fill. I can use seperate lines with the pen tool aslong as they join paths. I cant work the polytool to save my life how on earth does it work the tutorial doesnt say much… cheers

when you fill have you tried using the close gaps tool in the paint buck.

When I draw this way I start with a box or circle as the shape is already closed.

The reason they join as a pen is you have autoflatten on. You could convert the pencil lines to brush stokes and then flatten to get the same effect.

You can also try working with “Snap to Contour” on, it might help to close the object completely. Also, you can always edit the line with the contour editor afterwards. Lastly, there’s your close gap tool that can always be used to close gaps.

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When I use my poly line tool no actual line shows up. The contour points are present but no line. It starts with a minimal blue line that immediately disappears and leaves no black line.

did u check ur line thickness in ur tools? make sure it has a number value for the line to show up.