Polyline tool won't give tapered lines

Regardless of which pencil I choose, the polyline tool will only give me lines with uniform weights, not the tapered lines of the selected pencil. In Pencil mode it works fine, but I prefer using the polyline tool for control. Thoughts…suggestions…?

Maybe the polyline tool can’t make a line with tapered ends (anyone?). The tutorial doesn’t say either way, but gives a bunch of cumbersome ways to alter the line after the fact for the nice thick to thin. It sure would be a great tool if it were as user friendly as Illustrator in this way.


I am pretty sure you can’t have weight while drawing with it. At least I couldn’t figure out how.

It works well in AI. Not only will the line be created with whatever brush style you pick, but you can change it after the fact by selecting new brushes with different weights. I intuitively though this poly line tool would work the same way since I do a lot of work in ai

Polyline tool can’t be drawn with weight. It’s function is like using a mouse, a point and click function, so the pressure sensitivity is not taken into account. Unlike, of course, using the pencil tool itself, which does take pressure sensitivity into account.

I imagine it would be hard to implement this into the Polyline, because as you’re dragging to set the Bezier handle, you’d also have to be very careful about how hard you’re pressing to get the pressure sensitivity right. I think it would be tough, but I can try it out in Illustrator and see how they handle it.


You could always select the line after you’ve drawn it and apply a pre-existing pencil template to it.