Polyline Tool - Cleanup on one layer needs efficient separating

Hello again, I’m having trouble isolating polylines efficiently when they’re drawn on the same layer.

I cleaned up all the parts of a character on a single layer expecting that I can select curves, cut them from the image, then symbolize/group them so they’ll be separate from each other. I have a lot of overlapping parts that have merged together in unexpected ways. (my fault; using auto-flatten at times)

The cutter tool seems to be the only way to separate the lines but this is a grossly inefficient method. Taking anywhere from 30 to 50 clicks to fully separate the connections of an arm in profile view, from the rest of a detailed torso, and reattach the pieces that were separated in its own symbol.

If anyone has any tricks to speeding up this process of separating cleaned-up lineart on a single layer with no colour that would be very appreciated.

Secondary question: Would anyone happen to know how to color/repaint a line segment between two anchor points without coloring the entire line? (actually, I haven’t searched for this on the forums yet, so I’ll go hunting right now)


Oop, figured this out. I overlooked it in Chapter 7 - Tutorial 38: Breaking Down the Main Parts.Using cutter tool, selecting the entire piece needed, pressing F9 (windows) and deleting the extra bits from the new layer.