Polyline Tool - Cannot find how to add anchor points along an existing curve

When cleaning up, I like to get the entire shape done with a line/polyline tool; then add new anchor points [APs] and adjust their curves as I go. If I’m drawing a 3/4 view ribcage, I’d start by drawing an egg using the Polyline Tool. However, to add details, I need to add new anchor points to that egg. I see no option and have found no held key + click that can do this.

A secondary question: On the tutorial for Polyline, it mentions how you can select a single curve (in this case, between only two anchor points) and move the curve. When I do this, it moves more than just one curve. Typically, at least two curves will move when only one is selected. This isn’t so critical to know, since manipulating anchor points is my preference.

I haven’t been able to isolate when only a single curve will move as demonstrated in the tutorial. If I figure these out and no one here knows, I’ll post any solutions I find.

Thanks for your time!

with the contour editor tool selected (in the toolbar on the left) click while holding control to add points.

oh jeez… I thought I tried that already… must have just been holding {A} instead of actually selecting the contour tool.Many thanks. That makes life easier.

Thanks Raider and Lilly! 2 / 2 questions answered. x)

Thanks for the tip Lilly!-Ivar

Also with the contour editor, if you want to grab just between two points and move, hold down the shift key. :slight_smile: