Polyline question... I am stumped

Hi gang,

When I make a polyline that is straight (meaning both straight more or less and with only 2 points) in Harmony 10 and apply the pencil taper style to it, I get a tapered beginning and end with a thickness in the middle just like I want it.

If the line is bent and/or I have points in the middle of the line anywhere, when I apply the pencil taper style to it, it segments it into multiple tapers , not one long taper like I would want.

Is there a setting I can’t find that allows a pencil style I want to be applied along the whole length of a polyline?

Any help will be greatly appreciated as I would love to digitize the lines I need for precision with the project I am working on but have the hand ink points like traditional artwork.


Hey Jim,

You can do this, you just have to tell harmony that the one line you drew is not multiple separate lines.

Select the whole line in the pencil editor and click the “Merge Pencil Lines” button in the tool properties under operation.
Then just delete any extra tapers that may be left over after the merge.

Now you’ll just have a taper at the beginning and end of the line.

I’m hoping that they’ve polished up the pencil editor in harmony 11. I also wonder why adding a central vector line to a brush stroke wasn’t implemented. Yes you can do it with a deform, if you draw each line on a new layer, but that’s just crazy.


Thanks Nick! I really appreciate it! I have been sooooo busy with work and said I need to make time to get back on the Harmony training train, so with help from people like you, it make’s it so much easier.