Points adding to selection

Hi, does any1 know why when i draw a shape intersecting another shape, it adds the new shape to the existing shape? For example say i had a cross, “+” and i wanted it as 2 seperate lines, i would draw the vertical and then when i draw the horizontal it make it into one single object, rather than the 2 seperate objects it should be. Even if i draw the lines seperate - & | away from each other, then as soon as i drag one onto the other, same thing happens. Ive been using tb a while now and its never done this before, but recently (ie the last few days) its started to happen. Have i pressed anything to make it do this, and does anyone know how to stop it? Thanks in advance, Chris.

Try unselecting Draw Top Layer under the Tools menu. I think that’s what you’re looking for.


Cheers mate, your a lifesaver :slight_smile: