point to point animation (interpolation)

I saw point to point animation in the Harmony demo material. That is where points on a stroke are keyframed in a position, then over time is keyframed in another position. The stroke interpolates the transition between the two positions for the points. I’m having trouble locating that in the manual. It’s very useful for changing an objects shape in a more delicate way than with a typical rig. Anybody know where this is?

Thank you for looking.

you’re looking for this.
Chapter 8: Morphing:

Thank you for the link, but I believe that what I’m referring to is really curve deformation. Point to point animation in other apps can be a lot more complicated than what I’ve so far been able to do with morphing. I’ll look into this some more with Harmony. I saw an Adam Phillips tutorial that made using hints look easier.

I don’t know whether I correctly understood your question but maybe 3D path with control point tool ?

A animation point to point with interpolation (like anime studio by vectors points) is not possible on toon boom. It’s a big weaknesses. To create interpolation over time you have to use transform tool.

Yes, the two really strong points of Anime Studio Pro is the point to point animation, and tagging points during bone rigging. It’s ‘fall off a log’ easy.