Point animation?

Is there a way to animate the individual points in a pencil line so that the shape of the line changes over time?

~ Lindsay

Use the morphing tool.

You can pretty much just anchor the points you don’t want to move so only the points you want will animate.

Indeed I think the morphing tool is probably your only option. Just have a start drawing and an end drawing - just make sure to observe the morphing rules (colour to colour, number of lines to number of lines). You’ll notice that if you are morphing two drawings drawn with the polyline for example, that are drawn with the same number of points, they will actually morph quite well.

The only other way to animate the points over time would be to do frame-by-frame animation. You would just have to extend the exposure of your drawing, then duplicate the drawing, then use the contour editor to move the points.

Hope this helps.

Toon Boom Support

That’s precisely what I’ve been experimenting with this weekend, and I think it might be the middle ground I was looking for - thanks Lilly :slight_smile: