Point animation

Hello all

First thread on the forum.

I was wondering if it is possible to do point animation on top of cut-out animation.

Like, you setup a character for cut-out, animate it, then tweak the animation by moving shape points, like secondary motion on hips etc.

Also, wanted to know if it was possible to bind morph or poses to sliders and blend them by playing with the sliders.

Thanks for any replies.


I don’t think you can bind morphs to sliders (or if there is a way I don’t know it).

However you can mix morphing/traditional drawing and cut out animation.

Also if you name your drawings correctly(so they are in the order you want) you could use the drawing substitution window like a slider.

First, thanks for the quick response, much apreciated.

Thanks for the tips, I will look into that.

How about animating on top of cut-out animation, any idea if it is feasable?

Like I said, let say you create a puppet, you animate a walk cycle, is it possible to add secondary motion on top of it, like hips swigning, or pig tail flowing by moving individual points?

I am asking because I can do that in another software, Anime Studio, but I am looking for a more robust solution.

Again, thanks for your time!


Yes with a conbination of (or just 1 if it suits your needs) of drawing substitutions, mophing and traditional animation techniques.

Like for example with my cutout puppets i would use lots of drawing subsititions and morphing to get a nice lipsync.

Not only is it feasible I am fairly sure it is a common workflow because it can remove the mechanical nature of cut out puppets while still taking advantage of a lot of time they can save making your puppet more flexible and robust.

Again, thanks for the quick reply.

Will have a closer look at the PLE then, also having a look at your website, seems very informative.

Again thanks!


betterflashanimation.com isn’t my site, it belongs to toonboom. But yeah it is great for bringing together all things animate.

I have more tutorials ready to record I just need to wait for some quiet around the house to record.