Point animation (Animating a points over Time)


Merry christmas !!!

I searched everywhere to find how i can animate point with contour editor tool or pencil editor tool, but i don’t find.

As a conclusion is very frustrating because, i can modify drawings with pencil editor tool over timeline thanks to the “insert keyframe and duplicate drawings” function but it’s impossible to animate over timeline like transform tool inside harmony (with interpolation).

Who can help me ? Maybe i don’t understand something ?

I look for the same tool that “anime studio” (points animation) to animate point.

(from 5:00)

It’s very fast and good techniques, faster than to use morphing. If it’s not possible today, please consider as a request for the next harmony. A new tool like that " transform point tool ".

Sorry for my bad english.

You could try drawing points around your shape with the deformation curve tool… Then manipulating those points around, I found that better than morphing