PNG4 isn t showing alpha

Hello, i m trying to export an animation with a tone without any background on Harmony 17 premium. I dont have any colourcard activated, when i go to export and select OPENGL > PNG4 there is a black background on all the images exported.
If you have the solution or advice it would be a great help ^^’.

Hello, first of all, you asked TBH, but you sent it to SBP support here.
Then, export the PNG4 image with transparent background in TBH. The correct operation should be:

  1. In the node view, change the property type of the Write node to png4, and then press Ctrl+Shift+Y to render the node view to export the PNG image with transparent background. By default, the export path is in the frames folder in the project file directory.


Oh i m so sorry i didn’t know i wasnt at the right place. Thank you very much with your technique it works :).