PNG4 export bug?

Hi everyone,

I’m relatively new to using Harmony but I’ve had some help from my school. I am trying desperately to finish my final and for a few hours I was having an issue with PNG4 exporting with a black background. I had made several other animated sequences and was able to import them without any issues to After Effects, but this one particular sequence no matter what I did came out with a black background. I compared the write nodes of both .xstage files and they were identical, so why am I having this issue?

I found a sort of temporary fix; the starting frames of my troubled sequence go outside of the stage area, so I used the trim tool to cut the images so they’d be just within the stage. This has fixed the issue as a quick fix but I would like to know if there is any way to export PNG4 while an image/drawing layer may have a portion of the drawing be outside of the stage?

Has anyone else had this issue? For reference, I am using Harmony Premium 17.

Sounds weird, I’ve had no trouble with black backgrounds when exporting .PNG4, even though the character is outside the stage. I suspect that there might be a color card or a drawing layer hiding away somewhere causing trouble?

If you can post a screengrab of your node view from the problem-sequence, it would make it easier to troubleshoot. :slight_smile: