PNG/transparency import?

Is there currently any way to import an image into SBP22 in a way that preserves transparent pixels, the way a PNG would?

I am working on a project where a visual texture overlay is an important storytelling element. Importing the texture and reducing the opacity just makes things muddy. If I was boarding in Photoshop, I would use a layer blending effect to get the imported texture to look good (probably an overlay layer). Since this isn’t available in SBP I was thinking maybe a workaround could be to import an image with the pattern on a transparent BG - but so far PNGs fail to import.

Wondering if there is any kind of feature or workaround for a situation like this, or just something I’m missing.

Maybe I’m not understanding something, but SBP does support importing of PNG with Alpha (Transparency). You say PNG’s fail to import, how do they, what OS are you on?

I guess “failing” is not an accurate description - if PNG import is not supported it would never work in the first place.