PNG Sequence Numbering

I noticed that when exporting PNG sequences the numbering in the naming of the images was “frame-1” to “frame-233” However the problem is I am unable to get the images to correctly order in editing. A numbering system such as “frame-001” and “frame-233” would make the frames order correctly. I haven’t figured out how get it export my images under naming like this, does anyone know a solution?

Open the Write Module’s Layer Properties (click the yellow square).
From the Leading Zeros drop-down choose your options.

It sounds like what you are suggesting requires a node view? Maybe I misunderstand. I would think that anything related to frame naming in export would be under the export images box.

Yes, You need Premium to be able to adjust the export frame numbers.

I think they should have the three digits as default in Advance since some software need that to understand the sequnce. So you need to use a renaming software to fix that.

/ Mattias