PNG render problem with OPEN GL (size incorrect)

Bewildered by this issue. My scene is 1920 x 1080, and when I set export OpenGL to match scene (or custom 1080), I get a 1600x900 render.

If I export a Layout Image, it comes out 1920 x 1080, no problem. Any idea why? I don’t think I have a 1600x900 setting set anywhere. Bizarre behaviour.

Screenshots attached.


OS: Win7, Harmony 12.1 (Premium)

I set export to 960x540, and it exported correctly.
Then set exp. to 1980x1080 and it exported 1600x862.

I found the solution, which was to set the export settings in the Network view; strangely,
this isn’t an issue in Harmony (Advanced), which exports from Open GL to the 1080 size
no problem. From the same project file.

I think having to export from the Network view is an unnecessary step, far too technical
for many people (a LOT of animators, esp. those from a trad background, are going to
find that very intimidating); other programs, including Harmony Advanced, don’t seem to
require such relatively arcane steps. Can’t imagine why there needs to be a difference
between Adv and Premium versions.

What is the O.S. version? What is the version of Harmony?
What happens when you try and export to 960x540 by specifying this
resolution instead of selecting 1/2 resolution in the Export OpenGL
frames window?

OpenGL renders are screen renders and are not affected by the render setting
for the project. It would be better to do an actual Export Movie or Export Render
Network (requires you edit the write node to select the options you want).

Also for the Export OpenGL window, try removing the spaces from the path you are
exporting to and delete previous rendered images from the same folder.

I have the same issue but with Harmony Advanced. I get 1847x1038 instead of 1920x1080. Since Advanced doesn’t have a node view, is there maybe anything else I can do?