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Is there a plugin for importing Animate files into Adobe Flash? if not then I really think this is something that many of us need because many of us “move” their files to Adobe Flash.
As I see it, moving files (with layers) from Animate to Adobe Flash is very important and mporting SWFs into Flash is only a limited option since we don’t have layers. not talking about the actual layer names.


There is no plugin for importing Animate files into Flash. The SWF import is the way to do it. The way that Flash imports the SWF files is something that is determined on Flash’s end, and we can’t actually control this. From doing a test on my end I was able to import a SWF file into Flash and it created one layer with multiple symbols on it. So what you’d like to have is multiple layers here, correct?

In the short term there’s nothing that we can do to make this process easier for you, however I can bring this up in R&D as a topic of discussion to see what can be done for the future.

Just so that I can understand it, what is your workflow when you use the software? Are you doing the design and the animation in Animate, then exporting to Flash? What are you using Flash for after this? Are you adding interactivity?

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I thought I would Hijack this topic slightly. I am working on a project using Illustrator, Animate Pro & Flash. For a variety of reasons I won’t go into at the moment it is desirable to have everything be delivered as a flash file. Mostly this is fine rendering an SWF from Animate and importing into flash works like a charm.

The one problem I have is if I want to do a 3d scene in Animate… like for example the 3d scene from the guide. If I rendered that as an SWF it doesn’t render those 3d elements right in the swf. Is there any tricks to get around this? I think what happens is that Animate converts the elements to 2d objects in 3d space so the intersections don’t look correct.


Well what happens is that Animate Pro can do a lot of things that Flash can’t do. Flash can’t work in a 3D world. So, if you transform your objects in 3D, then when you export to flash, generally it will just ignore any information that Flash can’t understand.

When you’re creating a 3D scene, are you just creating a multiplane with objects that are moved back and forth in the Z axis, or have you also rotated your objects in X,Y,Z?

Could you describe in more detail exactly what your 3D scene is like, or perhaps even include screenshots of what it looks like in Animate and what it looks like after you import it into Flash via SWF?

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