please recomend editing tool !

hi every 1 , hope u r all doing well !
please recomend me any editing tool for post production phase , as i am going to make several clips with solo but i think i still need any 3rd party software tool for joing all clips , please suggest me any easy and useful tool for this purpose which shouldn’t effect the quality of source solo output files.Is Adobe Premiere right choice becoz i have it ;D here in this situation i think studio is better where u simple join all scenes automatically , what u guys think about it !


This question should really be posted in the Solo forum.

i dont think so becoz its not only related to solo :slight_smile:
just want to get info about editing tools , right ? :wink:

Sorry Awais, i noticed after i sent my post what you were actually asking! ::slight_smile:

maybe Vegas Movie Studio ? (basic version of Vegas)?
It allows import and export of swf so you can retain your line quality etc

or grandaddy Vegas

boith have been recently updated to new versions

but there a lot of video tools out there

i like this coz to me it seems more smoother manipulatng video and has some nice tools included (i have the previous movie studio platinum)

hi patmals , no problem at all :wink:

thanks for ur feedback , i think u told me tools which is good for manipulation .swf files but i am looking for a software which should be good in editing of .mov files …

thanks .

Hi again :smiley:

Im just a little confused what you mean by editing.

Do you want to put all your scenes together, add transitions then export out?

If so you do need a video editing tool, which vegas and premiere is. i believe both can import .mov. but i mentioned vegas because you could import vector quality and do put it all together how you want.

Please explain what you really aspect you really need to 'edit’

or if you want to work with mov. how about quicktime pro??



as i am right now in the very beginning phase therefore i just need a tool to combine my all .mov files and i dont want to loose the quality of my .mov files .

i have used adobe premier for this purpose but i am not fully satishfy with it as it makes my final few minutes output video in GBs size .


Hey again :slight_smile:

If you are happy with using premiere but not happy with output size, maybe you should play with the different compression settings.

How long are all your scenes in total? sounds like it runs for a while.
so, naturally its gonna hit the gigs at ‘uncompressed’ ration.

I am not film techie so i wont suggest which settings are bet, but play around and see what looks good and what size suits you.

by the way, is your animation for the web, tv, film ??

yes i am trying to achieve TV quality ,
my 5 minutes animation size is about 4 GB and when i use any compression technique in adobe premier it takes few hours to make a final output and in the same time i feel it looses some quality also … ::slight_smile:

it must not necessarily be so, the quality issue.
if you export the movie from adobe premiere, then the output is the digital video in some tv-format, presumably pal, either 4:3 or a widescreen.

then watching the digital video of such kind on a computer monitor is like watching a reference to the real film file, a bit distorted, because the video pixels are rectangular, and computer graphics pixels are square.

try to view the films on a video device, not on your computer, and then you can tell the difference.


Wow this info is new for me !

thanks gester :wink:

Hi awais,

When exporting from premier, you have to expect big video files (Gig+). Premier Pro+ have a “Burn DVD” command. No need to export then burn on DVD

You can also try a “consumer” editing tool that also burns DVD. Ulead Video studio 10 Plus is a good example (works well with Quick Time movies).


ahaan :o… thanks mathieu for all these info :slight_smile: