Please Please Support Other Alternative tablet manufacturer Toon Boom creators

Just as the title says Please toon boom get in talks with alternative tablet creators because one of the main reasons a lot of my friends who are current college students or just independent animators don’t own or use toon boom was because of the price and the fact that you don’t support any other tablet manufacturers such as Yiynova, Ugee, Huion, Xp etc.

We thank you for bring down the price and subscription especially the student pricing. truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts. But the fact that in other for us to fully utilize your product we are restricted to mainly Wacom products which are even more pricey than your software, which makes it even harder to want to primary use toon boom.
I mean is great you support the Wacom tablets but Please Please support the smaller tablet makers because a lot more of us are using the cheaper tablets because Wacom is just way too expensive. Yes, the tablets are cheaper but the build quality for many of these tablets are amazing and will keep getting better as the years come.
Again I love toon boom and want to keep using toon boom but I’m not able too because you don’t support the cheaper tablets which I will more than likely stick with from now till I can’t draw anymore.

Price example:

Wacom Cintiq 13HD = $700 ( this tablet is 3 years old)
Ugee hk1560(15inch tablet) = $430 ( this tablet came out late 2016)
Yiynova mvp 20(20inch tablet) = $300 ( came out mid 2016)

And these are all amazing tablet

TB don’t officially support those other tablets but they still may work with Harmony. I’ve used a Yiynova MSP19+ with Harmony for years and it works great. If you ask around in the forum you’ll usually hear from people who are using the tablets and they’ll let you know the positives/drawbacks with each one before you lay down the cash. They may also know fixes and workarounds if you are having issues.

I don’t think TB will ever support other tablets, Wacom are the big boys and industry tool of choice. I would reach out to your tablet manufacturer and provide feedback. It’s their job to be compatible with as many programs as possible. When the Yiynova tablets first came out they requested feedback on any issues with software, and then they’d go away and fix it and bring out an update. When I first got my Yiynova 19 inch I had issues with pressure sensitivity in certain TB programs and Adobe Illustrator, but now (with software updates) it works amazing :slight_smile:

Those other tablets do work with Toonboom software just not in Dual monitor Display for some god known reason, but yeah I agree with Dessie, keep bugging those companies, I do it almost on a daily basis. I let them know (in my case Yiynova) that that is the only thing separating them from wacom’s hold. In the meantime, I am using google chromecast to cast a tab on the 2nd monitor and although there is a little lag on the 2nd monitor (not the Yiynova) it has made me stop wondering around social media and actually forces me to get more work done.

XP-Pen: pretty ok, ok price plus stable driver (I’m using XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro Display drawing tablet), no problem software-wise so far. Color display right out of the box is good.

their official site :