i try and try, i undetstand the animating part of the tutorial and stuff, but i cant do anything with the peg stuff, doesnt make sense to me. Please help. No one awnsered ot my earlier plead. Be a good person. ??? ??? ??? ???

i don’t know what exactly your problem is, but the general information is the following:

1. you select an element in the timeline and drop it onto the peg. the element appears then indented under the peg name.
2. then you click on the motion icon (bottom one on the left side palette)
3. then you open the top or side view from the window tab in the main menu
4. then you adjust the position of the start and the end frame for the motion path (for the simple animation) and/or any of the the remaining frames for the complex movements. the motion path is the black square with arrows in the red circle. you can expand the line by pulling the one or both arrows.
5. in the motion path’s editor (with selected peg element in the time line you click: window > show function editor from the main menu) you can edit the overall path’s properties (ease-in/ease-out, proximity a.s.o.).

given more details we could help you in a more qualified way.

Rob, my earlier post, “putting it all together” will give u a better understanding of my problem. thanks!

well, i’m also trying to avoid pegs and to draw each frame a-new. i also prefer the ‘traditional’ method which seems to be much faster and gives me more control over my animation, BUT…

wilson5 wants to perform the cutout tutorial exercise and he needs the pegs info, which i simply can’t provide (for the above reason).
i think it would be more constructive to focus on the very problem.

ok thanks everyone. Now i have another problem. The topic name is. “Ok…but i need help” or something like that. Very much appreciated. :wink: :wink: :wink: :slight_smile: ;D