Please help...

Please help! I just got an IMacintosh, and i downloaded your ton boom studio 6.0, and it was working AWSOME! I even uploaded something, but then whenever i clicked the icon and watched it jump, waiting for it to load, no matter how long i waited for it, it never loaded. And now it’s icon is a white sheet of paper, and when i click on it it says,“There is no Default application specified to open the document Global.tbc.” And it has an OK button underneath it, when i click the OK button, it exits out, I have no idea what to do! I can’t even get into it at all! Please help out a wannabe animator here!

With TBS closed, rename the Toon Boom application’s preference file and then relaunch TBS.

Preferences files are located in ~/Library/Preferences/, where ~ is your home folder.

Please post your results.

So far from what i see when i click on it it pops up titled (paper) TB - Locked
ToonBoomTechnologiesInc 68dGlobalt?xY^!

And now I did what you told me to do again and “There is no default application specified to open the document ToonBoom Studio 6.0”