Please help

Ok i want to do a sprite animation so i import the pictures but when i do that they lose color how do i import sprites without them losing color

Need more info! What program are you importing the “sprites” from? are you talking about symbols from Flash? What is the file extension of the file you are importing? What versions of the various programs involved are you using?

Hope we can help

well i went online i saved them to my pictures then imported them from that file and they were black and white

you can import the editable drawings (from your pictures) only after they get vectorized and turned to black/white. you do it into the drawing element.

you can also import the colour pictures, but they cannot be edited then. toonboom studio is currently unable to edit bitmaps. you do this import into the image element.

oh darn i wonder if flash can import them cause that is pretty lame

as fas as i know (but i may be wrong) only mirage can edit bitmaps in this price class of an animation package (up to $1,000).

that is quite exspenisve do you know if there is another way i can get sprite and animate them on tbs

ok question what does wikipedia mean with this then