Please help. Questions about substitutions.

Hi, I didn’t get any answers last time I posted this, so giving it another shot.

Question 1: I have made my character and saved him as a template. Say later on when I am animating him, I find I need another hand pose or mouth shape, what would be the best way of adding it so that it is permanently part of the template for future use and updates the already animated template I am using?

Question 2: I am doing hand substitutions and I want to be able to copy and paste them so I can use them for the opposite arm layer. Would it just be a case of copy and pasting the drawing with special pasting or is there something else I should be doing?


Hiya DrawnSean,

Q1: I assume you are saving a character template to your Library ? Then dragging this into a scene when you need it… On that basis when you modify the character by adding or changing bits, mouth, hands etc, add this modified version to your Library then either keep both version or get rid of the old. I don’t think you can do anything fancier than that.

Q2: Right clicking and duplicate on a layer in the time would work. Or in drawing mode, select a; then copy and paste into a new drawing on a different layer to make the other hand is also an option. Or if you wanted to be clever and when you modify the right hand the left hand will also update you could use the "Apply Peg Transformation"module and then peg it, flip it and position it, you then get 2 arms for the price of one :slight_smile:

Cheers, Jason

Harmony and Storyboard Pro User


Thanks for your help Jason. :slight_smile: