Please help! prop-pick up puppet not working

downloaded this

and when I load it it shows up like this

instead of this

any help?

I downloaded the files and opened them and they were fine. Two things to check, perhaps the missing parts need to be moved forward in Z space–they’re there but not on top.

Or for sometimes there is a problem regarding the name of the elements. This has happened to me before in that TBH element names are case sensitive. For example, if when you have the character open in TBH and the eye is called eye_F but in the folder \MO-ANIMCO2-004\01-character-prop.tpl\elements it’s called Eye_F (with a capital E), it won’t show up in Harmony. You’d have to close Harmony, rename Eye_F to eye_F and reopen it and, lo and behold, it will magically appear.

I’ve had this happen when copying or moving folders in Windows and the case of the file name get regenerated incorrectly. I’ve sent files to other people and they ask why a particular element is missing. Well, it’s there but it won’t show up unless the file name case is the identical in the folder as it is in Harmony.