Please help...Please

I have been using toonboom for about 6 months. I am self taught. I have bought the work out series and now the most recent manual to come out.
It does not explain chapt.8 at all. The directions are as follows…

1. Save wlk cyc from prev chapt. (ok got it!)
2. Design simple layout for char to wlk across. (Got it!)
3. Lay out scene element in depth. (
a. okay I know each item has to be a seperate element. But how
do I lay them out in depth?
b. I can layer them in time line and peg a toon just fine.
4.Design motion path and attach the camera and walking char to the motion path. (
a2. How do I lay down a motion path?
b2. and how do I attach a camera and toon to it?
c. Can anyone also explain how to switch to different scenes like a guy on a couch to suddenly to front door?
Thanks to anyone that replies. I have been stuck on this for weeks. I have also scene the tutorial on line but it doesnt help much either. After 40 more dollars I am feeling frustrated.

Hi have you tried looking at the tips and tricks

i think the ans to most of your questions are there


Laying out “in depth” refers to 3D space. One approach to moving elements in 3D space is to use the “top view” and “side view” panels. These panels allow you to position elements not only north south east and west (x-y directions) but also front and back (z direction).

As to motion paths, I have a pretty good explanation of how to create a simple one in this tutorial:
Key Framed Animation Part 4

Here is a Tip and Tricks article that also deals with motion paths:
Using Pegged Elements