Please help me decide if i should get TBS 8? [all users replies welcomed]

So i have this laptop (Dell , 8GB RAM , NVidia graphic card (2gb dedicated) i7 with turbo boost)

should run it fine i believe ( i dont like mac xd),

(so i am just a teen you know, 16)
i am really thinking of buying this product since alot, i am in college (first year) for civil engineering (which i love)
but beside that, i really like making animation (i’ve used flash) and used the bone tool mostly + tweening to make a fairly looking short animation

but the drawing tool wasnt much of a, you know

i saw toonboom tools, which are great (i believe tbs 8) one’s
and i was wondering

is it, way too hard for me?
to learn, and also am not much a good drawer.
also, i had this some-how stupid questions/queries

is tbs-8 the kinda all frame-by-frame program?
i need to draw every frame by my own?
and also, the camera, lets say i drew a house
do i get to make the camera move upwards / backwards to make it look like a 3d animation (kinda above view or sorta of another angel view)

and last one, lets say ill make a plane flying and landing on grass
(3 minute animation) with some clouds & suns /birds)

how many days will it take?
you see, i am not a pro in drawing or animation
i am just way too confused, too many tb products xd?
i just want the right one for me tobuy

thanks for any advice / tips
also if you could list very nice important features in tbs 8 that speeds up / makes animation better looking i would be grateful

thanks in advanced

You can do stop motion, paperless drawing, cut out as well as traditional scanning drawings from paper in Toon Boom Studio. It is 2D animation software that you can move up/down, left/right and front back in 3D multiplane. If you are thinking rotating camera in 3D (x,y and z), it is only in higher-end product such as Animate Pro or Harmony but it has a longer in learning curve for you.
As for your 3 min project, , the time it takes to make varies depending on complexity of the project and the quality. Also depending on how much you are ready such as preproduction and skills using tools of Toon Boom Studio. There is a trial version of Toon Boom Studio and the tutorial you can explore to start.