Please help, im noob.

I have a BIG problem. I can’t animate normally, because EVERY time i place the pen on the tablet, it makes a big DOT. Please help me turn it off somehow!

No-one answered?? That is just bad :frowning:
Also, how can i make bones come from one place, not connecting them to each other?

Are you in drawing mode with the brush or pen or pencil tools active? Is yes, then you can check the minimum and maximum sizes in the Pen control pane (lower right pane). The maximum size is probably set too large. You can type in a smaller number or use the slider control to reduce the number.

If you don’t want to draw, then you can switch to select mode (choose on the Select tool).

As for adding bones, it sounds like you’re trying to create a separate bone on the same drawing layer, but you’re getting the bones all connected in a chain. To create a separate new chain, you need to hold down the SHIFT key while adding the new bone. Not holding the SHIFT key creates a new bone segment in the current bones chain.

Here is a resource for Toon Boom Studio information:

Thanks, but i am using the brush tool and i mean that i don’t even want to create a dot everywhere where i have started a stroke. Thanks for the bones. The only problem is that when i place the pen on my graphing tablet, it creates a dot, which is not good for details.