Please Help! Hierarchy Question

I have only been using Toon Boom Harmony Premium for two weeks, so I know this is a real basic question but it is driving me friggin NUTS. I created a simple duck cut-out animation character and even animated him (following a tutorial on Digital Tutors). NOW when I try to create my own character (again a very simple cut-out type character) the hierarchy will not work!!? I literally have only 5 drawing layers at this point - head - right eye - left eye - right pupil - left pupil - and when I parent them (drag the eye layers and pupil layers on top of the head layer) it appears that they are connected in the timeline (the eye layers and pupil layers have an indentation under the head layer) but the head layer is in front and I CANNOT bring the other layers forward. I’ve tried moving them in the timeline, changing the Z axis, arranging the node tree, tired the side view and pulling them forward - NOTHING. Also when I move/rotate the head, the eyes and pupils stay in original position. IT IS LIKE THEY ARE NOT CONNECTED. Have I just accidentally messed up a setting or something? What am I missing?

head layers are not really parented, the layers are inserted into a peg and then organized, if you use nodes you can arrange layers one way in the timeline and then change how you want them to look using nodes hierarchy in the node view, parenting hierarchy is mostly done for character limbs

Thanks so much for the input, MetalVagabond! If you don’t mind me asking - what do you feel are the main advantages to using pegs over pivots? I’ll check into the pegs more. The previous cut-out character was done with pivots only. (I’ve only been working with Toon Boom for two weeks now.)

The strange thing is in the camera (full render) view the character looks like how I want him - everything in the right order. But in camera view (open GL) and drawing view the eyes do not come forward. I just don’t want to put in a bunch of time and find out I need to start over.

to animate pegs and not drawing layers, deformation can also be used with pegs, a good tip is to select all your drawing layers in the timeline and then click the + peg icon to automatically make pegs for all your drawing layers at once, and motion paths can be used with pegs, to use motion paths go to preferences select camera and control points select show control points, to edit the motion path use the transform tool, the main difference between the drawing layer is that it only shows the layer that is selected in the timeline and camera view shows all the layers on the timeline unless they are deselected with the eyeballs, of course you have the option to draw frame by frame with onion skin and attach your drawing layers to a peg to use with a motion path