Please HELP! Cut-Out Animation Problems

So I am using cut out animation in Toon Boom Studio. I know how to make the characters and animate it, but the problem is that i used the 3d tool to move arms and legs behind/in front of the character. And When I move the character around his body parts get displaced. How can i make it so it doesn’t do this, or if there is a way, please help.

With your Sceneplanning Select Tool or Transform Tool selected, go to the Properties Window and in the F/B Offset field (Forward/Backward), type in the desired value for the Z-axis.

ie. Next to Offset you will see 3 fields, N, E and F;
the F/B Offset field is the one with the F.

You can set it to zero to remove your z-axis on the element but you should try your new settings on a copy of the project instead of on the original in case you want to re-access those numbers.

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