PLEASE HELP! Adding effects messes up my layers!

I don’t understand because I’ve never had a problem with this before until now.
But whenever I try to add an effect such as blur or something on a Drawing layer that I need above/on top, the moment I insert/attach an effect onto that layer, it automatically moves my drawing with the effect on it to the bottom to be underneath all layers, and refuses to go above anything else, and I need it on top so I really don’t know how to fix this. DX

Does anyone know why this is going on? I know it’s not suppose to be this way because my last animation I was able to add effects on any drawing without it changing the order of my layers,

Another problem I’m running into is that when I import an image the colores get all messed up, which is odd because earlier images I imported were literally fine.

Please help!!!

— general info
I use a Mac Book Pro.
I have ToonBoom Harmony essentials

Contact support to have a look at your project and the context under
which this is happening.