Please change the license handling

I understand that you need to prevent piracy, and I’m 100% sympathetic.

But I can’t be the only one who wants to use the product on two different machines and hate having to return and reapply the license every time I switch from one to another. I could almost justify this approach for Animate, since it’s a professional product. Although I don’t think it should be necessary, companies can usually afford to buy multiple copies for a single user. But doing it for Studio?

There must be a better way to protect against piracy than associating the license with a single machine ID. If you MUST associate the license with machine IDs, perhaps you should consider making the license apply to one customer but TWO machine IDs. I doubt if there are many people who want or need to use it on three or more, but two is very common.

If there’s an easier way to deal with this, and I’m just not aware of it, someone please enlighten me.

In fact, for Toon Boom Studio, users are allowed to activate the license on two separate machines. This is done as a backup in case one of the activations is lost.

This means that you are allow to install and run the application on two different machines without returning the license. You must however only use one at a time.

Also note that when upgrading the license (ex: from 5.0 to 6.0), all of the activations need to be returned.

Thank you, I just tried it and it worked!

I assumed it worked the same as Animate 2 (which I also own). Either I’m doing something wrong, or that product doesn’t let me activate it on two machines.

Great products, by the way. I have a few pet peeves, but I’m just an amateur, so my first assumption is that it works the way it should, and I just need to learn how to deal with it. :wink:

You are correct, Animate 2 does not have that same option. To run Animate on another machine, you will have to return the license first.

Hope this helps,