PLE Project opened with full version?

Can project created with the Personal Learning Edition of Animate be opened when I purchased the full version?

The EULA has a statement about “Evaluation” projects can not be opened with the Commercial Version. So another way to state the same question is the Personal Learning Edition an “Evaluation” version?

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The answer is no. It is not compatible. You already have read the PLE explanation from the download page at for the limitation.

Anyway we can export to swf and reuse right in full version also ?

Yes. But exported SWF is as flatten one image. This means that if you want to separate each character, you need to them export separately. Also any information about peg or drawing peg movement will be not delivered that you need to do it manually.

Well, I think it is matter of how much information you want from PLE.

So I guess the best animation software still is RETAS pro HD series of CELSYS. (used by animes companies). I am evaluating it and found that compared to RETAS, toonboom is not so good. It dosnt even consume so much of memory also. But only thing is that, its a software to do animations traditionally. It has great shadows effects, fire lens glare… Etc. What should I say, Perfect. But I am planning to start 3D animations so there is no actual need to use RETAS. But I am planning on using animate to do my 2D animations. Thanks! I am sure toonbooom also will improve.

For traditional you have to compare with the upcoming Animate Pro or it’s predecessors Digital Pro and Harmony. In this one you will have all the effects and shared database if you need it in a big production/studio.