PLE or not

Is there anyway we would be allowed to enter with non-ple versions?

Hello, TheRaider
As I can understand, no, only with PLE versions., describes all the rules, terms of use, regulations and registrations about the contest.
Here is a point:
2. Eligibility:
Movies ONLY created using Toon Boom Animate PLE software or the Animate Pro PLE are eligible for submission.

I think it would be good also allow you to use licensed software… but!
Hope that helps TheRaider and good luck if you decide to participate.


wow, that is such a downer for me, PLE’s don’t work good on my PC…

Thanks I did actually read the terms but I was hoping they would change their minds :smiley:

I thought about rendering out the video, importing the video into PLE and then rerendering to get the ple logo on it lol.

Reuse of assets for and from other projects.

As the file formats are different, anything you do in the ple is useless to be used again.

plus i have read in the forum having the full version and ple running on the same machine isn’t recommended.

Thanks for the reply.

I will give the comp a pass then since I think my idea of importing a finished video in and rerendering really is against the spirit of the comp.

yeah that whole PLE thing is kind of a bummer, but I am starting to get motivated to join this.

I had the same initial opinion, but am getting into it now. Give it a try!

Uh, so what exactly are the limitations of PLE? I had some ideas that i found simply aren’t gonna work.i got halfway through my project and went in the touch stuff up, insert blurs and whatnot, and couldn’t find the insert>effects menu. Did i download something wrong or is this one of the lost features in the PLE version? Is there a list somewhere of differences between the two? I can’t find it for the life of me.

I’ve been using the PLE version for the contest for about a month now and there seem to be only two limitations:
1. All files related to your drawing project in PLE can only be used in PLE. You cannot reuse them in Animate Pro. (Since you are agreeing to turn over all artwork for the contest, this makes sense. On the other hand, I reuse characters and sets a lot and hate to give them up.)

2. All output files are watermarked with a big TOONBOOM (which makes sense because the contest goal is ultimately to also create a Toonboom advertisement).

Otherwise, there seem to be no limitations. It sounds like you ran into the issue of personalizing your particular installation. I have my Animate Pro install perfectly tweaked and had to recreate my tweaks when I installed PLE.

This month, I’ve gained a remarkable appreciation for the learning tool potential of PLE… and it is FREE.


Hi Jeremy,

Effects for Animate Pro are not done via the Timeline view.
You have to create them in the Network view by dragging the modules from the Module Library view.

Steve stated indeed the only 2 limitations the PLE has. Watermark and no compatibility with commercial version. What happens in the PLE stays in the PLE :slight_smile:

I recommend you looking at the Getting Started Guide (PRO version) and reading the exercise on creating effects, which is the last chapter.

The User Guide also contains a ton of information on how to create effects in Animate Pro.

Let me know if it solves your issue!


Danke, gracias, xiexie, and thank you. As always, RTFM is invaluable advice, :wink: but as it is such a BFM, the pointers were a big help.

In the end, I found the info in a bit of a different section, chapter 16 of the User’s Guide (named cleverly enough “enhancing with effects”). This pointed me back to chapter 11 first to get a grasp on the network view and setup. Still mulling through it all. It seems Pro is infinitely more robust and complex than Animate, which feels like a headache now, but just picking through a bit of the manual, I can see alot of potential and methods to achieve things I really felt were missing from Animate.

Anyway, kudos. I wouldn’t have found it without your assist. Thanks much to both of you for idulging the newb and his silly questions. :slight_smile:



“Robust” is the key word for Animate Pro.
I’ve been using the software since it originally appeared as the product called “Solo” and there are vast sections of the program I have still barely explored. Fortunately, the program is written so you can just “use what you want” and ignore the rest. Sometimes, I feel the manual could be extended to 2500 pages and still not be enough.



Glad you found what you were looking for!


not sure if I’m doing anything wrong, but when I export from Animate PLE as a quicktime file it only shows a black screen with the toon boom logo on it? or export it as a flash (.swf) file and get a watermark flashing over it all, fair enough, but am i supposed to enter the comp with this watermark on the animation?? ???


The PLE always exports with the WaterMark.
Yes, your contest entry will have the Watermark.

As for the the black output…
Are you using Animate PLE or Animate Pro PLE?

In Animate PRO PLE, are you sure the right Display module is selected?


Is your animation all done in black?

If so you need to add a colour card since the default background is black.

thankyou! this helps a lot

and yes all the animation was in black, thankyou for the heads up

What is the reason you have for not wanting to use the PLE?


I have verified your concerns with those the powers-that-be and also with support. We will not change the rules regarding the usage of the PLE.

There should be no problems running the PLE version and the retail version on the same computer. We have run successful tests here. The only problem that can arise is that your projects might open in the PLE version by default instead of opening in the retail version when you double-click on a project to open it from a file browser.

If you run into any issues running the PLE and the retail version on the same computer, don’t hesitate to contact and they will help to resolve the issue.

Toon Boom Support