ple license

Is it possible to get a ple license still since the new harmony has come out?

I have it on my surface pro, but got around to getting a drawing tablet for my pc. I’d like to move the license over or get a new key.

If you have the original downloaded file you can move the PLE to other computers.

Which software are you interested in?

The 3 levels of Harmony 12 have trial versions.

I don’t see PLE’s offered for Studio, Animate or Animate Pro any longer.

I have the original file and installed it on my Pc. it asks for a key though. I signed up for the trial but didn’t get to it in time so it expired before I even fired it up. I’m just going through youtube tutorials so was just using the animate 3 ple

That license is only available when you purchase the software. Acquiring a purchased license you receive a download link to a purchased license version of the software as PLE’s remain PLE’s and do not unlock.

There is probably a way to thoroughly track down and delete every trace of the PLE so it can be reinstalled. There is with OS X at least. Google “how to thoroughly delete software on _______ [ operating system ]”

As stated for your other computer if you have the original downloaded file it can be installed elsewhere or with a fresh installation of the operating system.

I’m sorry I don’t follow. Why would I want to delete the old PLE? I need to purchase a license for it now?

When you have installed a PLE and it expires it is no longer available to you to use. The software starts asking for a license, meaning if you want to use the program at this point you have to buy a license for the retail software. If you can delete all traces of the PLE installation you can reinstall the PLE and the clock begins again.

Ah I see. Thank you

Wait though, sorry, but it didn’t expire. The ple I have still works on my surface. I just want to move it to my regular pc. I never installed the harmony 12 demo. I just signed up for it. And never got around to using it.