PLE Has Too Few Default Colors?

Unless I make my own I’m only seeing options for the 5 or so colors which are like Red, Green, Black, and Blue…I don’t mind making my own when it’s a few colors but for a full color anim. it’d be nice to have default RGB swatches available…

I see the options for importing palettes (.plt) but this format seems exclusive to Toonboom as I can’t find any online…I’d like something that gives me the usual default spectrum of swatches (like TBS has)…I know this program has to have more default colors than this unless I’m doing something wrong… ???


I guess we all have different habits when it comes to selecting our colours. But for me, if there is a default palette with a lot of colours, I always delete it, first thing when I start a new file, then I start building my own palette. If it’s Animate or Animate Pro you’re refering to I think it’s aimed for professionals, and we build our palettes ourself. Picking only the colours we want to use for each individual palette. I think it’s good with a default palette with only 5 elementary colours. A sign understanding for who Animate Pro is aimed for.

Just click the + sign in the palette view to start adding your colours and build your own palette.

That’s ridiculous. We’re supposed to be able to save time (and client’s money) by using this stuff. The one great thing about DP was that the pallet library was already set up. How stupid, then, to get rid of it!

Now we have to import the default pallet from DP files to be able to do this, which takes precious time. Come on, Toon Boom get a clue!

As for the rest of the software, so far, so good. BTW, for those people switching from Flash, where’s the text tool?

Palegolas has hit the nail on the head. The design philosophy behind Storyboard is that it is geared towards professionals who generally design their own palettes based (uysually) on pre-existing color models with specific RGB values.

If you need a palette with many colors - just create on in one of your projects and export it to be imported in subsequent projects.