PLE Delayed Strokes

Hey-typically I’m a TBS user but for the purpose of a contest I’m using the PLE of Animate Pro.

And have run into a huge problem whenever I try to draw inside of it: Strokes come up late. Every time I make a stroke with the brush tool or pencil tool, and no matter what resolution or size…it comes up a second or so after I’ve drawn it, making the program frustratingly unusable. I meet/surpass system requirements with the possible exception of my graphics card. Would appreciate a workaround-thanks.

I had this problem before - it is a video card compatability issue. A work around is to go into Windows control panel, system properties, and change the graphics performance to best performance or custom level.

Dang-thank you!!

Not only did this fix it-it’s made Vista look like my classic fave OS-Windows 98. :wink: I’m definitely spreading this one around, I was ready to forget about the software altogether, thanks!!

Cool. I know it was a pretty wierd problem when I first encountered it.

Hey, this was REALLY helpful for me too! Thanks a lot!!!