PLE chrashing... New info IT"S STABLE :)


I am considering up/cross graiding to Animate from my TBS.

Here is my problem.

Start app create default for initial testing.
Go to paperless animation work space.
Select first frame.
select pencil or brush.

every time on the second drawn line Animate simply shuts down, no error message.


AMD duo core 3.2 gig.
XP pro
2 gigs ram (32 bit os so worthless to add more)
ATI X1600pcie 512 meg. This card hasn’t had any problems with TBS3.5/4.0 or Dig Pro PLE or other open GL software I use.
Duel 1280x900 digital monitors.
Wacom Intuos2 tablet.
2 terabites of stab HD.

any thoughts on what to try welcomed.


The ATI is not supported on PCs. In TBS it uses different technology to display, not OpenGL normally so it’s normal you wouldn’t have the same reaction. Digital Pro however is the same as Animate so that puzzles me if it worked on it.
The only thing I think is that you could try to disable the real time antialiasing found in the Preferences or use Ctrl +Alt + A. That was added in Animate compared to DP.

Thank you for the reply.

Ok sense i First posted i have been working on the problem.

Here is what I have found and the results.

1. After installing the software I found the probs listed.
I did update quick time :confused: I didnt think or remember by doing so I would kill my preview in TBS4 :/…
I did the patch for the quick start vids.

2: I started checking software to make sure I wasn’t developing a hardware problem… Well found Dig pro ple had also stopped working. TBS would not let me create a new file. Dig pro same sooooo.

Conflict trouble shooting begins…

what I found…

Either Animate or quick time installed something that in MSconfig shows 2 new services that have no name or install directory listings…!!! ???
To me this is an instant kill it for life as its viri or trogen in nature.
I disabled both of them. rebooted the system and…

Low and behold

Digi pro works
TBS works minus my preview due to quick time update dropping flash support.

Animate PLE now works with intermittent crashes.

( I will try turning off antialiasing to see if that helps stability until I can get an N Vida card)

Corection to my system stat listing.
2 1440X900 moniters not 1280…

I will keep this info running as i find thing out that help.


Hi latest info

I have gotten Animate to be stable for drawing I have yet to work with other functions. I will be creating a ruff animation next…

All I have done beyond what is listed above is change the bucket size for render from 32 to 16 and Animate PLE now behaves very nicely with my ATI X1600 pciE card, I still intend to replace it with an Nvidia card. But for those that can’t for what ever reasons, at least you now know if you play with the settings enough you can make it work. This assumes that your card does work with other open gl software like Digi Pro ple.


OpenGL 2.0 is required in Digital Pro as well as Animate for the fine display. The issue is so random that it does not always follow the same pattern unless it is obvious. Also there is some performance issue using unsupported card. There is some cards in the market other than Nvidia may support OpenGL 2.0 fully or partially, but you need to be aware of the random crash and performance issue. I do not want be sceptical about this, but strongly recommended using Nvidia for PC. Just give you little more information about the video card, Mac is not an issue since Mac is using full OpenGL 2.0 for their own interface that the video card on Mac, having Nvidia is not an issue, but this does not means this card also works well on Window (even bootcamp) since the card and the drive was specially made for Mac and there is a possibility that may not work well on PC. My 2 cents